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It is no secret that the harmony of family relationships depends on the quality of sexual relations. Everyone wants to be eternally young and attractive, to feel the attention of the women and to feel attractive. It is not particularly the young men. Recently, I hit on a drawback - I can not run the sex successfully. I have the desire to have sex, but erection does not occur. And this problem is currently weighing me very hard.

Viagra Samples Without a doctor prescription

If after a long break you have sex again and are tense, it can happen that the potency drug fails. Try to relax and try again on other days. If you feel that your erection does not last long enough or is not severe enough after several attempts, you should increase the dose slightly. But please pay attention to the permissible quantities, in other cases you risk severe side effects! If this should not help, you can try another potency such as Cialis or some other treatment such as Muse.

Viagra Generic

I have noticed the first symptoms of erectile dysfunction a year or so. The duration of sexual intercourse decreased markedly. My penis does not battle so hard for sex. These intimate problems tormented me more and more with each passing day. I understood that I must use some preparations. I did not want to use syntethic preparations. That is why I bought the herbal capsules and swallowed a capsule every day. But there was no result. I also bought the penis pump, but it is intestine only as a device for massage.

One speaks of an erectile dysfunction, if the penis over a long period of time no longer or no longer long hard enough. With this prescription drug, the enzyme PDE-5 is inhibited, which is responsible for the breakdown of an erection. Simply put, the potency helps to dilate the smallest vessels in the penis, and to improve the blood supply to the erectile dysfunction, which leads to an erection as soon as you are sexually aroused. If no sexual stimulation of the penis occurs, the drug shows no effect. This has a good reason: it prevents a permanent rection, which in the worst case can lead to the dying of the corpora in the penis.

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The effect of sildenafil citrates consists in the blocking of the enzyme phosphodiesterase 5. It causes a lengthening of the muscle relaxation in Corpora cavernosa (corpus cavernosa) in the penis. The muscles slacken, enough blood flows into the penis. The erection stabilizes thus. The medication extends the erection period, intensifies the desire. It also has a positive effect on the man's psyche. Enough libido develop affected men to achieve an erection. The PDE-5 inhibitors Tadalafil and Vardenafil have a longer lasting effect.

In March 1998 the new product was launched on the market in Germany. From now on, you could buy Viagra worldwide. The demand battle incredibly great. During the first week, 250,000 recipes were prescribed. Thanks to Viagra the manufacturer earned 1 billion dollars in 1998. Today, all Viagra can buy without a prescription in Germany. I thought that this portal is a fake, but everything went wonderfully. I can only recommend.

Viagra Without a doctor prescription

The history of the potency drug begins in 1992 in England. The new drug Sildenafil Citrate was then tested. Originally, sildenafil was used for the treatment of heart disease. However, it has subsequently been found that this active substance has no great therapeutic value in the treatment of hereditary diseases. The male participants in the clinical tests recorded an improvement in erection by taking sildenafil. After a period of time, this drug received the brand name Viagra.

Since the demand for Viagra has risen dramatically and Pfizer is producing the pill on high-speed trips, prices are falling. For a 12-pack pack, prices of 300 euros were asked upwards by pharmacies at the beginning of May 1998. Meanwhile, the prices have fallen below 200 euros. Viagra generic drugs (24-pieces) are now available for under 60 euros. For less serious online retailers, you can buy 30 Viagra pills for under 40 euros. Anonynm and no prescription.

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